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A reverberating ensemble whose orbit revolves around the unlimited world of Jazz and is strongly influenced by the appeal of a wide variety of genres like Neo-Soul, Pop and Hip Hop. 

The musicians take excursions into the cosmos of their own compositions and experiment with songs by exceptional artists, which, in combination with the spacy vocal effects, set the ether vibrating.
Impressively, VANICER manages to touch deeply with every note and awaken the ears with sophisticated harmonies - the perfect eargasm.

Vanessa Marx - vocals
Emanuel Wickstrom - piano
Gabriel Punsvik Gluch - cello
Elsa Månsson - bass
Alvin Cronberg - drums
Øyvind Solheim - trumpet
Tyko Ruin - tenor sax

Programme Thursday 16 May

Programme Friday 17 May

Programme Saturday 18 May