College Board

The College Board of KMH decides on matters regarding the overall direction and organization of the institution. It establishes the planning framework, decides on the annual financial statements and interim reports, sets and monitors the internal budget, and determines which subjects are to be represented by a professor.

The KMH College Board comprises eight members appointed by the government. It also includes the vice-chancellor, three teacher representatives, and three student representatives. Additionally, one or more union representatives participate in board meetings.

Chair of the Board: Peter Norman

Members appointed by the government

  • Lena Adamson
  • Ulf Bengtsson
  • Mattias Hansson
  • Nils Landgren
  • Elisabet Ljungar
  • Peter Norman, ordförande
  • Linda Portnoff
  • Birgitta Svendén

Teacher representatives

  • Annika Falthin
  • Mats Widlund
  • Leif Ottosson

Student representatives

  • Pauline Burke Clason
  • Sofie Desirée Maritvold
  • Daniel Chun


  • Johannes Landgren, acting Vice-Chancellor

Board minutes

If you wish to access the board meeting minutes, please contact the board's secretary.