College Management

The College is managed by the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro Vice-Chancellor and the Director of Administration.

The Vice-Chancellor

The vice chancellor is a member of the university's board and chairperson of the disciplinary and personnel responsibility board.

The vice chancellor is the highest academic and artistic representative of the university. It entails the responsibility for maintaining the artistic and scientific standards determined by the board in KMH's strategy. As the head of the institution, the rector ensures that the activities are conducted by the regulations and efficiently.

Helena Wessman

The Vice-Chancellor of The Royal College of Music in Stockholm Helena Wessman

Foto: Melina Hägglund

Helena Wessman was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, KMH, on 5th June 2019. Helena has a background as a professional trombonist educated at KMH.

For nearly 25 years, Helena has held administrative and leadership roles in the Swedish music scene, including her most recent position as the concert hall manager for the Berwaldhallen in Stockholm.

Pro Vice-Chancellor

The Pro Vice-Chancellor is appointed by the College Board and serves as the deputy when the Vice-Chancellor is unable to fulfill her responsibilities. The Pro Vice-Chancellor is also assigned by the Vice-Chancellor to oversee several areas of activity, such as internationalization and external funding.

Johannes Landgren

Johannes Landgren assumed the role of Pro Vice-Chancellor in September 2019. Since 2017, he has served as a Visiting Professor of Organ at KMH and professor of organ and organ improvisation at the Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University.

Johannes Landgren is also actively involved as a freelance organist and conductor. Additionally, he is engaged in post-doctoral research at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg, where he previously held positions as the head of doctoral studies and Pro Dean from 2012 to 2018.

Managing Director

The Managing Director assumes responsibility for preparing and presenting matters determined by the Vice-Chancellor and the College Board. They make decisions regarding activities conducted within the College Administration and College Library and issues about buildings, furnishings, and equipment.

Furthermore, the Director of Administration offers strategic support to the Vice-Chancellor to ensure that KMH meets its obligations as a public authority.

Kersti Hedqvist

Kersti Hedqvist took office as Managing Director at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, in April 2023. She is the head of the support organization at KMH, which consists of the College Administration and College Library.