What's the difference between A and B? People keep asking this question to dissect and categorise things, to keep ‘me’ separate from ‘others.’ ‘Differentiate’ is different from ‘distinguish’; when you differentiate you are comparing two items within that category that have already been distinguished. That is exactly what I am doing now, trying to differentiate the characteristics of ‘differentiate’ and ‘distinguish’ through perceiving the nuances inside of it.

See? To differentiate means I need to associate scenes, recall my experiences, and think over and over again to make some little progress. People can live without differentiating, but people cannot make something artistic without differentiating. By differentiating the appearance of the rhythm can help us to know how to use the music. By differentiating the feeling or a self-evaluation after doing or seeing an event will help us to correct or refine the work.

Xueqing Yu