Step by step application guide

Exchange opportunities within Erasmus+ and bilateral agreements are announced once a year, usually in December, before the next academic year. The steps in the application are described below.

1. Check the basic requirements

Begin the process by checking that you can fulfil the basic requirements for entry. As a student at KMH you need to

  • have studied at KMH for minimum one year, 60 hp, before your exchange studies can commence
  • be registered in a study programme at KMH with the intension of taking the final exam
  • study fulltime during the exchange
  • study abroad on exchange for minimum one term and maximum one academic year (the absolute maximum is 12 months).
  • not have been on an exchange through Erasmus or by an internship of the same educational level (Bachelor, Master) in order for the combined study time to be more than 12 months
  • not simultaneously be receiving additional grants from EU or university- and Högskola institutions
  • check with your Director of Studies that the semester/term/year you seek to apply for exchange studies abroad will fit in with your current education at KMH.

2. Choose a university

Check the list of universities that KMH has agreements with, see below. You can choose three universities from this list when applying.

Please check for the following before making your choice:

  • That the university/universities are listed.
  • If they offer courses at the right level, so that the exchange studies can be accepted and included as part of your final exam at KMH.
  • That you fulfil the criteria for the courses you intend to take.
  • That you can fulfil potential language requirements.

Current universities and agreements

3. Apply for nomination

The first step in your application must be to fill in a form where you choose which universities and courses you are interested in. You can apply for nomination to maximum three destinations.

The application period for nomination for exchange studies for the academic year 2024/2025 has ended.

4. Notification of nomination

The international coordinator in the Department for Education and Research Support will work through all the applications they receive. The applications will then be sent with your Ladok resume and course registration to the study directors at KMH. The Study Director will assess whether the exchange studies are possible to complete and if it fits with the level of your current education programme.

Everyone who has applied will be notified if they have been successfully nominated or not.

KMH takes the final decision in nominating you for exchange studies abroad. After a nomination the student must formally apply to the institutions of nomination. Crucially, it is the institution that you apply to that has the final say in your application.

5. Apply for exchange studies

The nominated students will be contacted by the International Coordinator at KMH, who will help guide the nominated students with the application process and possible further contact with the receiving educational institution.

6. Notification of acceptance

It is always the receiving institution that takes the final admissions decision. If you are accepted, you are expected to accept or decline the exchange spot you are awarded.