Susanne Rosenberg

Susanne Rosenberg

Susanne Rosenberg is employed as a professor of folk song at KMH and conducts research mainly in improvisation and method development in folk singing and folk music.

About the researcher

Susanne Rosenberg is a folk singer as well as a doctor and professor of folk song at KMH.

Susanne has taught folk song at KMH since the mid-90s and has developed methods for teaching folk singing, with an emphasis on rediscovering the older Swedish folk singing style and using it in new artistic settings, in collaboration with contemporary composers and directors.

Susanne has also toured in Europe, Asia and the USA with groups such as Rotvälta and Rosenbergs Sjua.

During the years 2004-2019, Susanne was head of the department of folk music at KMH and until recently the artistic/scientific representative of the same department.

Research description

Through her research, Susanne has contributed to strengthening the folk song environment in Sweden and internationally as well as the entire research area in folk music with her focus on kulning (herding), folk singing style and improvisation in folk song.

Research projects


Susanne Rosenberg's publications in DiVA External link.


In 2013, Susanne completed her artistic doctoral studies, which took place in collaboration between the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, with the title "Kurbits – ReBoot, Swedish folk song in a new scenic context"