ULF – Education, Learning and Research

The government assignment ULF is a national pilot project. For KMH, this applies to practical research connected to music education activities.

The main purpose of ULF is to strengthen the school's scientific basis, and between 2017 and 2021 KMH, as one of the participating actors in ULF, together with a number of primary schools in Eskilstuna municipality in Sweden, developed and tested models for collaboration between academy and school in terms of research, school operations and teacher training.

Following a decision by the government, the project has now been nationally extended until 2024 as a transition to permanent operations.

KMH's share in ULF

KMH has signed a ULF agreement with Eskilstuna municipality and the upper secondary schools Kulturama and Fryshuset in Stockholm.

Several different practical research projects are conducted in collaboration with the schools. The projects cover everything from performance anxiety and inner motivation in pupils to organizational development for a professional teacher faculty. In addition, projects are ongoing that focus on the development of assessment and grading as well as working with and handling students with neuropsychiatric functional variations in the music classroom.

More information on ULF is presented on Uppsala University's website External link., one of the responsible and regional nodes for organizing ULF.

Logotyper Eskilstuna kommun, Medborgarskolan, Kulturama, Fryshuset