Edsberg Manor. CC-BY-SA: Holger Ellgaard 

Edsberg Manor and the surrounding park. Photo: Holger Ellgaard

Facilities at Campus Edsberg

Campus Edsberg is located at Edsberg Manor in Sollentuna, north of Stockholm. The manor is surrounded by a park with large lawns, views of lake Norrviken and nice walking paths. In addition to a concert hall, there are plenty of exercise rooms and other facilities.

The concert hall accommodates an audience of 80 people. The fixed equipment includes two grand pianos.

Most of the rooms at the premises are available for practicing, everyday of the week, from early morning to late evening. In addition to the concert hall, the following are available for students:

  • Living room, with sofas and four computer workplaces with printer and copier.
  • 14 practice rooms.
  • A library with a certain collection of sheet music.
  • Student kitchen with micro, stove, dishwasher, coffee maker and fridge / freezer.
  • 10 grand pianos and 4 pianos.
  • Personal, lockable cabinets for instruments and compartments for sheet music.
Lärare med två studenter i konsertsalen på Edsbergs slott.

Tuition in the concert hall att Edsberg Manor. Photo: Stefan Nilsson


The art gallery Edsbergs konsthall and the inn Edsbacka Wärdshus are also situated in the manor park.

Sollentuna swimming and sports hall is very close by. It offers a complete wellness center with opportunities for fitness, swimming, water aerobics, and more. Also nearby is the Sollentuna racket hall with badminton courts and tennis courts.

Within walking distance of the castle is a local shopping center, with a supermarket, bakery and more. 2.5 km away is the larger Sollentuna shopping center, with all kinds of shopping and restaurants.