KMS, KMH's student union

If you encounter problems or issues during your studies, the student union KMS can be of help and support. The union also arranges pubs, parties and health promotion activities. 

The KMS, Kungl. Musikhögskolans Studentkår, safeguards your interests by being represented on most of the college’s main decision-making bodies. It works among other things with study and work environment issues, monitoring and promotion of gender equality and a job center.

KMS helps you start an run activities, and also organises a variety of extracurricular activities. The main event of the college year is SMASK – the national student song contest of Swedish music colleges.

As a member of the KMS you have access to a range of benefits and discounts, especially at NotoBok, the union's own bookstore where students can purchase study literature and materials. External link.