AIM – Artistic Interdisciplinary Master

The project AIM (Artistic Interdisciplinary Master) started in July 2021 and aims to develop a new interdisciplinary master's program in music and technology.

One important goal for AIM is to develop an environment where academia and external parties interact and find new forms of collaboration. The project strengthens KMH's role in the interdisciplinary and cross-border environment that develops in the borderland between music and technology.

Developed with external parties

The new artistic master's program is being developed in collaboration with external parties. The business partners Dice, Efterklang, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress and Doremir participate initially, as well as Mälardalen University and the University of Skövde as academic parties. The project is funded by the Knowledge Foundation (KK-Stiftelsen) and the program is expected to be open for registration in 2023 at the earliest.

The background to the new education is project ESAIM, a 3-year project that started in 2018 to develop degree projects for students at KMH. Through ESAIM, companies and organizations have expressed the need for employees who can combine artistic competence and sensitivity with technical and humanistic knowledge, but who are also rooted in a scientific field.

Interdisciplinary creates innovation

Musicians with an interdisciplinary understanding will be able to handle both social and technical challenges in an innovative way, within the broader music technology sector as well as in society at large. In the new educational program, students with different backgrounds and skills will study together, which creates added value. The students will be specialized in their specific fields, but together they will be able to work with challenges from completely new perspectives. Such an environment will enable new ideas and innovative solutions to future challenges in the labor market, as well as contribute to the development of new research areas.