Holistic - focused on developmental dynamics

Eurhythmics in its multidimensionality of lesson design reaches the human being holistically. This means that all functions in which a person develops are stimulated through action.

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Eurhythmics creates a holistic learning environment through activity, the reciprocal use of means and through the methodically differentiated structure, because all eight mental functions of the human being are activated in every self-directed action: moving, perceiving, thinking, speaking/communicating, social-emotional acting, intuiting/being creative, intenting and remembering. Thus, the participants are supported in their individual abilities and skills in many ways. In addition, Eurhythmics tasks can be designed in such a way that they follow a developmental logic (e.g. from simple to complex, from gross to fine motor skills, etc.). If, for example, what is known is repeated and varied and then new and more advanced things are offered, this creates a dynamic interaction that stimulates development.

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