Music and media production

As a student at KMH, you have excellent opportunities to develop in music production. The department's experienced teachers, inspiring guest lecturers and interesting collaboration partners contribute to a stimulating environment where you can broaden and deepen your knowledge in the field. In addition, we have world-class studios and concert venues.

The Department of Music and Media Production offers education programmes where the emphasis is on music and music production in collaboration with other media, such as film, music video, computer games and other interactive media.

KMH's bachelor's and master's programme in music production leads to an artistic degree. A large part of the courses are carried out in project form together with other students, which creates a very dynamic study environment. In addition to bachelor's and master's programs, we also offer independent courses in music and media production.


The three-year bachelor's programme in music production provides broad knowledge and experience in the field. The emphasis is on the production of music for various media forms.

The two-year master's programme in music production is aimed at those who have already completed a bachelor's degree and want to continue to develop and deepen their knowledge in music production and are also interested in research.

In addition to the bachelor's and master's program, you can also apply for the teacher education programme with profile music and media production.

Teachers in Music and Media Production

As a student in music production, you meet knowledgeable and committed teachers. The teaching staff is also regularly supplemented through collaborations with various guest teachers.

Music and Media Production Staff (in Swedish) External link.

International collaboration

For several years, the department have had many international collaborations with various recurring guest teachers and other institutions and organizations. For example, the institution is a member of MEIEA, the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association, which primarily has its seat in the US.

Another essential collaboration is our participation in the association Innovation in Music. In June 2022, KMH hosted the conference Innovation in Music 2022, Music Production: International Perspectives. During three days, participants from India, China, Taiwan, Australia, the USA, Canada and many European countries presented their research on music production. The department also offers exchange studies at various higher education institutions in the Nordic countries and Great Britain.


In the last couple of years, research at the department has been published in many international forums. Since a few years there has been a unique collaboration with the Royal University of Technology, KTH, where four of KMH's teachers are also doctoral students at KTH.

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