Student dirigerar en kör i Kungasalen


As a conducting student at KMH, you are given the opportunity to regularly work with various ensembles, choirs and orchestras. The studies provide knowledge of various aspects of the conductor's work by combining theory and practice.

KMH is the only university in Sweden that offers educational programs in conducting at both bachelor's and master's levels. You can choose between two specializations: choir or orchestra.

Some of the leading conductors in Sweden teach here today. Supervised podium time is essential to conducting training, as is the opportunity to perform concerts. A diverse repertoire from different eras is interspersed with collaborations with KMH's composition students and their teachers. At the master's level, several collaborations with professional ensembles, orchestras and choirs are included.


Choral conducting

The interest in choral singing and the need for well-trained choir leaders and conductors is excellent in Sweden – 600,000 sing in choirs in Sweden alone. The 3-year bachelor's programme in choral conducting prepares you for a professional life as a choral leader, choral conductor, choral teacher or choral consultant, both nationally and internationally.

An essential part of the master's programme in choral conducting is KMH's collaboration with several of the leading choirs in Sweden, such as Swedish Radio Choir, Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and the Opera Chorus.

You can also apply for the teacher education programme with a choral focus.

Orchestra conducting

Bachelor's programme in conducting - orchestra offers practical work with ensembles and orchestras and knowledge in movement theory, form theory and instrumentation. In addition, you gain proficiency in several aspects of the conductor's work, such as the orchestra's history, repertoire, interpretation and conducting of opera and amateur orchestras.

In the master's programme in orchestral conducting, practice with high-quality ensembles and orchestras are essential. We have collaborations with several professional orchestras including the Gävle Symphony Orchestra, the Norrland Opera Orchestra, the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, the Dalasinfonietta, and the Västerås Sinfonietta. You will gain knowledge of how to work with musicians at this level.

Teachers in Conducting

At KMH some of the foremost conductors in Sweden teach today. They have many years of experience in conducting and learning assignments around the world, and offer you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the versatile role of the conductor.

Classical Department Staff (in Swedish) External link.

International collaborations

The conducting education at KMH has close connections to international music life through teacher exchanges, study visits and active participation in concerts, festivals and networks. KMH has a large number of international program students. As a student, you are encouraged to exchange studies through Erasmus.


At the Department of Composition, Conducting and Music Theory, artistic research in music is carried out in collaboration with other researchers, institutions and organisations. During your study period, you can participate in lectures, seminars and practical activities that prepare you for your independent work at the bachelor's level and your degree project at the master's level.

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