Två ungdomar som spelar trummor och gitarr tillsammans.

Music teacher education

KMH educates music teachers who see, listen, confirm students and arouse curiosity for the subject of music. After the education, a secure labor market awaits. There is a great need in Sweden for licensed music teachers .

The teacher education programmes at KMH are offered in Swedish. To be eligible to apply for teacher education programmes and to get a teaching certificate in Sweden, you will need a documented proficiency in Swedish.

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As a student on the Teacher Education Programme in Music you meet teachers from all over KMH. Our teachers in music pedagogy and didactics represent both musical and theoretical excellence and have solid professional experience.

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Music Therapy

The bachelor's Programme in Music Therapy is unique in Sweden. The education gives you deep knowledge of the relationship between music as an art form and people's health and well-being. As a music therapist, you work in medicine, care, school and cultural life.

Festivals and concerts

Like the students in the artistic programmes, the teacher education students make an annual manifestation in form of concerts and performances: Mind the Music. Concert activities within the framework of courses take place in various forms throughout education. At the end of the education, year 5, the students perform graduation concerts during the last week of study.


Throughout their education, the students participate in ensembles in various genres, for example pop music, contemporary art music, early music and folk music from different parts of the world. Depending on the orientation, ensembles such as chamber choir, chamber music or jazz ensemble may also be included.


The education includes business-based training (VFU). The studies are arranged in different school forms. The students in the teacher education programmes with specialisation in music also have practice students and practice ensembles. In addition, collaborations with various schools are included, for example in the form of school concerts and projects.

International collaborations

During the latter part of the education, there are opportunities for an exchange semester or international VFU. Currently, we have a collaboration with North-West University in South Africa, as well as Lady Gray – a primary and secondary school with an aesthetic focus in South Africa. An Erasmus exchange within Europe is also popular.


Music education research is a vital part of the education as well as the music teaching profession. In several courses, students meet teachers who are also researchers.

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