Composition, Film Music

The Master's Programme in Film Music Composing addresses you with a strong interest in film narrative and extensive knowledge of music and audio technology.

  • Teaching form:

    Master programme

  • Department:

    Composition, conducting and music theory

  • Pace of study:

    Full time

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  • Admissions:

    approx. 1 dec - 15 jan. Admission every other year. No admission for autumn 2024.

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The programme is given in collaboration with Stockholm University of the Arts (UniArts).

The Master's Programme in Film Music Composing gives you in-depth knowledge of the specific techniques and working methods that music composition for film requires through courses given both by KMH and Uniarts.


Before starting the studies on postgraduate level, you must have completed an undergraduate study programme of at least 180 ECTS, taken a B.A. in music or acquired corresponding qualifications in your speciality.

Please note, for this programme the instruction language is Swedish and is therefore a requirement for admission.

For further information regarding admissions, please see the description of entrance tests at the Swedish page.

Programme Content

In the courses Composition film music 1-3 at KMH you will be able to compose music for smaller film projects, where you are expected to give an overall account of the idea, material and composition process. You will receive tutorials from teachers in the composition process in order to strengthen your artistic skills, artistic voice and ability to reflect.

In the courses Techniques within Film Music A-B at KMH you get an in-depth understanding of the music's interaction with the movie's image and other sounds through audio editing, mixing, synchronisation and audio orientation. You also get to work with digital workstations, sequences and samplers.

You will also learn more about the function and characteristics of string, wind and percussion instruments, instrumentation of melody, accompaniment and polyphonic rate, percussion technique and repetition methodology. Together with insights into different recording strategies, you get good skills in instrumentation for smaller chamber ensembles and in conducting the study work in recording movie music.

In the programme's final course Degree Project, you will have the ability to independently perform an artistic work based on knowledge and understanding of the theoretical and practical conditions of the film music composition. The course is partially taken in parallel with Independent Work: Film Music Production (15 ECTS credits) at StDH.

Authentic Production and Cooperation Situations

It is also a prerequisite that you have the ability to work in teams and can arrange your own creative process in a larger and more comprehensive artistic and narrative context. You will participate in the productions made by StDH's film students and the teaching will take place at StDH and KMH. This means that the courses are based on the authentic production and collaboration situations that characterise film work.

After the Programme

Composing music for movies places high demands on musical, dramaturgical and technical knowledge. You will therefore learn to master a wide range of musical expressions, compositional techniques and styles - and also have a pronounced sense of musical dramatisation in interaction with other media to be well-equipped for future work life.

The former students of the programme are successful film music composers who work both nationally and internationally.

The programme also prepares for further studies at the artistic research level.