A cello and a chair

Contemporary Performance and Composition, CoPeCo

CoPeCo is a Master's Programme in contemporary music that is given in collaboration between four European higher music institutions. The programme offers you an open platform for experimental artistic practice within a European setting.

  • Teaching form:

    Master programme

  • Department:

    Composition, conducting and music theory

  • Pace of study:

    Full time

  • Credits:


  • Admissions:

    The next admissions will open in December 2024.

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The purpose of CoPeCo is to educate experienced musicians and composers in contemporary music in new technology, improvisation and cross-border collaboration.

All courses are taught in English.

Focus on Cooperation

Gathering the best practice of the partners, the programme provides a broad-based and up-to-date study of new music in addition to a unique opportunity for international and intercultural exchange. As all students spend one semester in turn at each partner institution, you will benefit from group synergy and from the competencies and cultural-educational backgrounds of all partner academies and countries. Studies will be centred around the Master Degree Project which you will complete over the two-year study period.

You will spend each semester in a different institution and country, as follows:

  • Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon, France
  • Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia, Estonia
  • Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, Germany
  • Kungl. Musikhögskolan i Stockholm, Sweden

Programme Enrolment

You can apply to only one of the four partner institutions. If your application is successful you will be enrolled in the same institution where you submitted your application. This institution will remain your home institution for the whole duration of your studies.

Programme Content

CoPeCo is a Master's programme jointly offered by four higher music institutions in Europe aiming at educating performers and composers used to creative interaction during the preparation and presentation of new music and having a high proficiency in working across disciplines and with new technologies.

CoPeCo focuses on live electronics, improvisation, cross-disciplinary interaction and cooperation. Entrepreneurship workshops provide substantial skills needed for succeeding in the rapidly changing arts scene and market. Cross-disciplinarity as one of the key qualities of the programme will be further developed as you have an opportunity to create the artistic projects in cooperation with other art forms.

The core courses are called CoPeCo Labs and contain lecture series, composition workshops, participation in live electronic or acoustic ensembles and individual tutoring. During the semester in Stockholm you will also get an insight into Swedish Folk Music History and Contemporary Music.

You will receive individual tutoring in vocals, instruments and composition to improve your music skills. You also get the knowledge of basic theory and practice in music programming within SuperCollider or Max/MSP focusing on usability in a collaborative musical process.

After the Programme

You gain the competencies necessary to adjust to the challenges of the arts scene and lead a freelance career as well as work within the framework of established arts institutions.

Upon successful completion of your studies you will receive your degree certificate and diploma supplement from your home institution only, but you will also receive a certificate stating that you have completed a joint programme, signed by the heads of the four partner institutions.

The Master's Programme also provides a good basis for future research.