Entrance Tests for Nordic Performance Master in Jazz, Nomazz

When you apply to this programme, you need to take an entrance examination test. Here is everything you need to know to complete the test.

Application code: KMH–98000

Test 1 – Presentation, video audition, and work samples

In the initial test, you are required to submit multiple digital files. The selection for the subsequent test will be based on these submissions.

In this test, you must present your work through a written presentation, a video audition, and work samples. This test offers a platform to demonstrate your ability for musical creation and artistic reflection.

Video audition

Record a maximum of 3 videos with a varied program of your choice where improvisation is a natural element of the performance. The program must be a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes. You can use your own or other compositions or perform a free improvisation. We welcome all kinds of artistic expression within a broad field of jazz or improvisation. The music can be performed solo or together with participating musicians live.

Instructions for the video recording

For your video to be admissible, you need to:

  • Provide proof of your identity by showing a photo ID card together with your face in the video. State the name of the piece you will perform and the test code.
  • Perform your piece. Your face and your hands must be visible throughout the entire video. It should be easy to see both you and your instrument.
  • Record your video in one single uninterrupted take. No clips or other edits are allowed.
  • It is fine to make your video with a mobile phone, but make sure your setup allows you to record without too much room acoustic, distortion, or noise. All recordings should have good image quality with sharp focus and good light.
  • Allowed formats are MP4 or MOV. Try to keep the file size around 500 MB if possible.

If you do not follow these instructions, and we find that your video shows signs of modification, your audition may be disqualified from consideration.

Presentation text

Write a presentation text on two pages (A4 format) in which you describe the following:

  1. Your artistic direction. Tell us briefly about the genre, working methods, interests, visions, examples of collaborations, etc., and which artistic processes you particularly want to focus on within the program.
  2. Preliminary formulation of a degree project. State
    - a theme or a question
    - methods you want to focus on and how (e.g., composition, improvisation, instrumental technique, collaborations, etc.)
    - an approximate timetable.
  3. Additional information. You can, for example, indicate how previous experiences or studies are relevant to being able to carry out a larger project (as the degree project forms a large part of the program).

Your presentation should be submitted in PDF format and can be written in either Swedish or English. Please include your name, social security number, and the desired course of study at the top of the document. This presentation holds significant weight in your application, enabling us to evaluate your suitability for the education program.

The objectives of this degree encompass the ability to contemplate artistic processes on a broader scale and critically analyse one’s individual methodologies. Your presentation will play a pivotal role in assessing your potential to meet these educational goals.

Work samples

Prepare two examples of good sound quality (audio or video files) where you participate as a musician and demonstrate your musicianship in relation to what you want to develop in the program and/or to the idea for the degree project (according to the presentation text).

Audio files must be in MP3 or WAV format, and video files must be in MP4 or MOV format.

Upload and file names

Name each file with your initials, date of birth, and test phase (Presentation, Audition, or Work sample). Use the first two letters of your first and last name and the year/month/day format for your date of birth. Separate the data with underscores. Files are thus named according to the following example:

Presentation: "LiJo_990227_Presentation.pdf"
Audition: "LiJo_990227_ Audition1.mp4"
Work sample: "LiJo_990227_Worksample1.mp3"

After you have submitted your application at www.universityadmissions.se External link. and once the application deadline has passed, you will receive more information via email about how to submit your test to KMH.

Test code: LS 22.2 Huvudämne Nordic Master jz/Major Nordic Master jz – Step 1
Assessment: The test is qualifying, and the result is evaluated on a pass (1) or fail (0) basis. This test is also the basis of the scoring for the selection in Test 2 – Conversation.

Your result will be notified by email. All passing applicants will proceed to the remaining tests.

Test 2 – Conversation

In this test, you get to show your ability to artistic reflection in dialogue. It is conducted as a conversation focusing on the files you submitted and completed in the first test. The conversation is conducted via Zoom or another digital medium.

Test code: LS 22.2 Huvudämne Nordic Master jz/Major Nordic Master jz – Step 2
Test time: approximately 20-30 minutes
Assessment: The test is a basis for selection. 0-50 p, of which 25 p are required for a pass. Test 1 – Presentation, video audition, and work samples is also the basis of the scoring for the selection.