Social Entrepreneurship

Artistic and music entrepreneurship can sometimes be said to have similarities with social entrepreneurship, that is, entrepreneurship that works with social challenges.

In our society, social needs are met in a variety of ways. Many through public organizations but also within private spheres (associations or companies) and in informal organizations or perhaps not at all. A social innovation involves identifying new social problems and finding solutions for action, individually or collectively.

The course will address important areas such as norms, ethics and well-being, corporate social responsibility and non-profit business models.

The teaching includes a mixture of lectures, debates, discussions and workshops as well as guest lecturers. A project work in social entrepreneurship will be developed during the course through group work.

The course is given by Stockholm University. Teaching language is English.

Entry requirements and selection

General entry requirements for second cycle studies, as well as specific entry requirements: 60 credits in music or corresponding qualifications.

Selection is based on the number of completed higher education credits (HPAV).

Course schedule spring 2024

The course is held at Stockholm University on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17.15–20.00 during the period 19 March–16 May 2024.

Other information

The course is offered within the framework of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES).

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