Hoela Barbette photo: Eric Legret

Möt Musiklivet workshop – learn tunes from Brittany

In this open workshop you get to meet Hoëla Barbadette, harpist and singer from Brittany, France. She will tell us a bit about the history of traditional Breton music but first and foremost teach us tunes from this regions rich repertoire!

When: 22 February, 16.30-18.30
Where: 4201 Mogrensalen

Hoëla Barbedette grew up in the centre of Brittany (France). She belongs today to the new generation of harp players in Brittany. Among numerous and varied musical experiences, she recorded two albums in duo with the double-bass player Delphine Quenderff, one with the sixteen-musicians Breton band Norkst (the Kreiz Breizh Akademi project), where she uses a Starfish harp with quartertones levers, and also one with Bon Matin (a meeting of two harp players from France and a Flemish bagpipe player and an accordion player from Belgium).

Graduated as a state teacher of Breton Folk Music on the celtic harp, she loves sharing her passion during regular as well as occasional courses, giving workshops all around Europe. Since 2022 she teaches also to the students in folk music at the pôle Aliénor in Poitiers.

hoelabarbedette.eu/en Länk till annan webbplats.

This workshop will be in English. All instruments are welcome!

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