Student Bootcamp in Tallin – A life changing experience!

Act in Art. Photo: Ako Lehemets

Act in Art is a network of artistic universities aiming to strengthen students’ professional development and readiness for their own career management.

The theme of this year's bootcamp was sustainable well-being and it took place in beautiful Estonian village Liipa Talu. Four KMH studens got admitted to participate.

– I got to know how to use art and culture to create change and improvement in the society. Previously I only focused on a small part of the music, but now the blinders were removed, and I got a bigger perspective on art and culture and how it interacts with society, said Ludvig Dahlström Master student at KMH.

– The community was fantastic, everyone was allowed to express their thoughts on a deeper level, Ludvig Dahlström continues. Now I see that artists have an important voice that can, and should, be used to make change or ask question.

The Act in Art network operates in the Nordic & Baltic countries and is an annual 5 days long bootcamp with intensive seminars for students, teachers, and leaders. The camp contains interactive workshops on existential topics, project managing well as sustainable well-being. Teambuilding, networking and recreational activities such as hikes, sauna, and a historical trip to Tallin was also a part of the camp.

The next bootcamp will take place in September. More information on how to apply will be sent to your student email.

Admitted students spring 2022:

Next bootcamp: september 2022

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