Shostakovich and Ravel

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Dmitri Shostakovich, Stråkkvartett Nr. 11 i F moll, op. 122 och Maurice Ravel, stråkkvartett i F dur.

Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 11, finished in 1966, was dedicated to the memory of Vasili Shirinsky, who had been the founding member and played the second violin in the Beethoven String Quartet, known for premiering 13 out of 15 Shostakovich's string quartets. Quartet No. 11 consists of 7 short linked movements, bound together by a recurring motif throughout the piece.

Received dividedly by critics after its premiere in 1906, the quartet, devoted to Gabriel Fauré, shares many similarities with the one composed by Debussy a few years earlier. Rich in harmonies and sonority, playing with mixed times and many changes in tempo, this remains one of the most remarkable works by Ravel. It is in 4 movements.

Toke Hansenius, violin Amanda Rūta Vieško, violin Madara Tupiņa, viola
Alice Gjellestad, cello

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