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Susanne Rosenberg

Professor sång på Inst. för Folkmusik

Om mig/About me

I am a folk singer, Doctor of Music and Professor of folk singing at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.  

I've been teaching folk singing at KMH since the mid-90s. During this period, I developed methods for teaching folk singing, emphasising rediscovering the older Swedish style of folk singing and using it in new artistic environments, involving cooperation with contemporary composers and directors. I have also toured Europe, Asia, and the United States with my groups, such as Rotvälta and Rosenbergs Sjua.  

I have been innovating the folk singing environment in Sweden through my research in Kulning (herding calls), folk song style, improvisation in folk singing, etcetera. In 2013 I finished my artistic doctoral studies, "Kurbits-ReBoot: Swedish traditional singing in new artistic context". Currently, I am leading an interdisciplinary improvisation research project, Folk Song Lab, funded by The Swedish Research Council.  

I was head of the department of Folk Music at KMH between 2004-2019.